Ada Lovelace Day

Rebecca White (left) at N2Y3

On this Ada Lovelace Day, it’s my pleasure to post a short tribute to a woman who I have the privilege of working with closely, Rebecca ‘Bec’ White.

For the past year Bec has been the lead developer on and, while I’m unfortunately unable to appreciate it in this way myself, has written code that’s been described to me as ‘elegant’ and ‘genius’ at the same time. She’s made an enormous contribution to the way that Drupal is able to store and map geocoded data, and has been an active participant in both the Chicago and larger Drupal community. And as if that wasn’t enough, she’s prioritized her work on despite our crap pay and endless demands.

It’s been an incredible experience working with her, and I very much look forward to our continued collaboration.

Thanks Bec!