hope to see you there: NP Dev Summit

I’m incredibly excited that I’ll have the chance to attend and present at the upcoming NonProfit Software Development Summit in Oakland on November 18-20. These Aspiration-hosted events are the stuff of legend in the nptech sector and this will be my first time – I cannot wait.

Hope to see you there!


Howdy friends,

The 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit is less that a month away!

You can check out the latest session list at http://devsummit09.aspirationtech.org/index.php/Session_List

We invite your help in spreading the word; please tweet it, blog it, facebook it to your networks. Hashtag #devsummit09, http://bit.ly/2LmoiG

New sessions are being added each week, and we invite you to add a session and share your own nonprofit software development experiences, or to request a session to address your questions about nonprofit software.

Please join us for this year’s Dev Summit! Complete details are at http://www.aspirationtech.org/events/devsummit09 and we still have sliding scale registration slots available.

The 2009 Nonprofit Software Development Summit is generously sponsored by Mozilla, Google, and CiviCRM.

We hope to see you in November!


Allen Gunn
Executive Director, Aspiration

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