incredible honor’s Social Entrepreneurship blog named me one of “Five Social Innovaters Who Would Make MLK Proud”:

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stands among the giants of history. The story of the preacher who helped change a nation is a core piece of our American heritage. And it’s not hard to feel as though this year’s celebration of King’s legacy is just a little bit more special; that in some small way a piece of his dream is coming true in front of our eyes.

Yet for how far America has come, inequity and injustice persist, even if they look very different than they did in King’s day. Today will be filled with wonderful and moving tributes to his memory, but I can’t help but feel that the best way to honor MLK’s legacy is to embody his spirit in our action. To that end, here’s a list of five social innovators I think Dr. King would be proud to know.

Justin Massa, founder of
More than forty years after the 1968 Fair Housing Act, American neighborhoods are still often segregated by race and ethnicity. This segregation impacts everything from access to education to crime rates, and remains an important social challenge. Justin Massa founded in order to “foster economic and racial integration” by unlocking data about neighborhoods…

Maybe the coolest part of this is that Pres. Barack Obama was also on the list. Any time someone puts you on a list of five people and our new president is one of them, you know it is incredibly flattering.

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