two new projects

I’ve been hard at work for the past few weeks on two new projects:

  1. is a resource on policies, research, and grassroots advocacy in support of stable diversity. The site grew out of a conference on “The Next 40 Years of Fair Housing” and features a multimedia archive of the conference, multiple wikis for collaborating on the Integration Agenda, an advocate toolbox with multiple active campaigns, and a blog. To build the site, I used WordPress, a heavily tweaked version of the WPRemix theme, and a host of social media tools:, Scribd,, Wagn,, and Twitter. This site is a collaboration of, the Oak Park Regional Housing Center, the Institute of Government and Public Affairs (UIC), and Jane Addams Hull House Association.
  2. Broad Shoulders Update is an aggregated feed and news widget for community development advocates in the Chicago metrpolitan region. There is a rotating featured event or tool every few weeks and an up-to-the-hour newsfeed comprised of more than 20 blogs and sites. I built this on WordPress using the FeedWordPress plugin and includes a Sprout widget. This site is a collaboration of the Neighbors Project, Metropolitan Planning Council, and

Please send along any thoughts / comments / suggestions / requests.

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